Hire Us for Your Private Dinosaur Event in Evansville, IN

Hire Us for Your Private Dinosaur Event in Evansville, IN

Your Event Will Go Down in History

You don't want your big fundraiser or grand opening getting lost in the fossil records. Make sure your event is always remembered by turning to Feller Express for help. We help host private dinosaur events in Evansville, IN and surrounding areas. Our team invites you to have a lifelike T. rex, Triceratops or Velociraptor at your special event.

Our realistic dinosaur costumes can make any occasion fun and memorable, including:

  • Family reunions
  • Birthday parties
  • Business parties
  • Private fundraisers
  • Private dinner parties

You don't want your guests to be "dino-snoring" at your event. Keep the party alive and well when you call us today for your private dinosaur event.

Calling all dinosaur lovers - we do birthdays!

When your kid says that they want a dinosaur birthday party in Evansville, IN, rely on us to make their dream come true. We'll come equipped with high-quality dinosaur costumes, cute dinosaur puppets and fun fossil digging setups. Your child and their closest friends will all be able to enjoy a prehistoric party unlike any other they've been to.

Throw the ultimate dinosaur birthday party when you team up with Feller Express.