Are the Dinosaurs Real?

Inevitably, we are asked this at nearly every appearance. While our dinosaurs may not be "real" in the sense that a pet dog or cat is "real," they are still very real to us. They have unique personalities and traits that make them a very real part of our business. We often ask children to think about how fun it is to play pretend with toys at home, as we ask them to think of our dinosaurs in that way. Please help us continue to keep the magic real for our audiences.


I'm Afraid My Kid Will Be Scared.

Our performers are very aware that children may be afraid of our dinosaurs given their appearance and size. However, our dinosaurs never intentionally attempt to frighten anyone (or pursue anyone who appears frightened).

How Much Is an Event?

We determine our appearance cost based on two factors: travel and time performing. We typically travel with 5 performers and tow a 12' or 28' trailer. After getting our team and herd to and from your event, we calculate the time performing with our costumes and puppets to determine your total fee.

How Do I Schedule an Event with You?

Please visit our Contact page and preview the "Before Booking with Us" information. We'd love to be part of your special event!

Can I Schedule a School Performance with You?

Unfortunately, our schedules do not allow for daytime school performances at this time. However, we are open to evening and weekend performances during the school year.

Do You Have a Location Where We can Come to You?

At this time, we do not have a location set up where you can come to us. However, most venues we've worked with have allowed for our costume and puppet dinosaurs to attend.

Can You Donate...?

We are a small business, and while we would love to donate to everyone who asks, it is not within the scope of our small business to do so, especially while still recovering from the after shock of the Covid years.