Costume Characters


Beaux arrived in Evansville after brief stays in Missouri and China. As a juvenile tyrannosaurus rex, Beaux enjoys chasing small mammals and slow-moving Jeeps, watching episodes of the early 90s Dinosaurs sitcom, and not doing push-ups. His most-liked movies include The Land Before Time, We're Back, and The Good Dinosaur. An avid hat and headband collector, Beaux is always on the lookout for new dino-sized accessories. Beaux likes dancing, parties, and special events, and he looks forward to the fall when he can attend costume gatherings. When he's not working, you can find Beaux taunting the family dog and reenacting his favorite Jurassic Park scenes. Beaux has been working on growing his social media presence on Instagram and Facebook @beauxthetrex.


Roxanne arrived in Evansville after her initial creation in China. As a juvenile velociraptor, Roxy presents a unique challenge for her trainers as a stubborn adolescent apex predator and sometimes shows signs of aggression previously not observed in our docile Beaux the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Although Roxy is just 8 years old, she is considered fully grown, and due to her cross-breeding with a Utahraptor, Roxy is larger than most full-grown velociraptors. Roxy is significantly faster than her younger brother, Beaux, and bears an impressive curved claw on the second toe of each foot. Roxy enjoys being "on the run," whether playing the predator or the prey, has a voracious appetite, and is still adjusting to her blended pack of carnivores and herbivores. Roxy has been working on growing her social media presence on Instagram and Facebook @roxytheraptor.


Seraphina is our juvenile 7-year-old, 17-foot-long triceratops. She is slow-moving, majestic, and a great mentor to younger sister Cecelia. She is currently the largest dinosaur at Feller Express and requires her own team of trainers and Rangers. Triceratops skulls will grow to nearly 10 feet, making them one of the largest terrestrial animals of all time. In her upper and lower jaws, Sera has stacked columns of around 800 teeth for shearing (or cutting) her food, and she uses her beak to crop her leafy green meals. But don't let that vegetarian diet fool you: Sera requires several hundred pounds of vegetables each day to sustain and build on her current weight of 2,300 pounds. You may continue to read about Seraphina the Triceratops on her Facebook and Instagram pages @seraphinathetriceratops.


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