Get to Know Our Dino-Mite Team

Get to Know Our Dino-Mite Team

Providing dinosaur education services in the Evansville, IN area

Feller Express is owned and operated by a fun-loving teacher who is committed to educating children about dinosaurs. When you sign up for our dinosaur education services in Evansville, IN or surrounding areas, you can choose from many lifelike dinosaur costumes to have at your event, including Beaux the T. rex, Seraphina the Triceratops and Roxy the Velociraptor. We also have baby dinosaur puppets that are great for children who may be "nervous rexes" around the big costumes.

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Creating an exciting experience for your kids

It doesn't matter if you hire us for a birthday party or library appearance, Feller Express will go above and beyond to make your local dinosaur event a success. Our clients always have an "eggcellent" experience because:

  • We work with high-quality, professional-grade costumes
  • We have a team of teachers, bus drivers and students
  • We host a wide range of public and private events
  • We provide interactive fossil beds and puppets

Find out more about our dinosaur education services in Evansville, IN when you get in touch with our company. We'll be glad to speak with you about your next event.