Who Hosts Interactive Dinosaur Events in Evansville, IN?

Rely on Feller Express to make your special event unforgettable

Thank you for visiting the website of Feller Express. We host public and private dinosaur events in Evansville, IN and surrounding areas. With many fun and educational local event activities in our back pocket, we can help your children learn about the history of dinosaurs while interacting with lifelike puppets and costumes. Enjoy a blast from the past when you connect with us today.

Please use the form on this page to email us. You can also call or text 812-228-0403 to speak with us immediately.

Before Booking with Us

Parking for Our Crew & Herd

We will need between 60-70 feet to park and drop our ramps to unload costumes and other equipment. Please plan to provide a space close to the door. Photos are very helpful in allowing us to visualize the space and make a plan prior to arrival. We typically arrive 30+ minutes before the event start time.

Performance Area

We will need a clear path from the door to the performance area. If there are stairs or an elevator to reach the performance area, we need to know during the booking process as additional fees may apply to account for the extended crew, setup and tear down time. Elevators must be measured to determine whether they can accommodate our costumes.
For outdoor venues, our costume dinosaurs can perform on dry paved, gravel, or grassy areas, free of puddles or mud. Our costume dinosaurs cannot perform on areas with a steep incline or areas requiring going up or down stairs while in costume. They must be able to enter the performance area without scraping against walls or fences. If the weather calls for 30% or greater chance of precipitation, we will need to move the performance indoors or reschedule. If the weather forecasts temperatures of 75` or higher, we require cover or shade, keeping our performers out of direct sunlight. Our costume dinosaurs must have a minimum of 15' radius to maneuver within without hitting anything with their head or tail.
For indoor venues, we require a ground-level handicap-accessible door of standard height for entry into buildings. Our Triceratops needs a double-wide door with no bar in the middle. Ceiling height must be 10' or higher.

Our Dinosaur Programs

Most of our programs are 60 minutes: a 30-minute program (split half and half with two large dinosaur costumes and baby dinosaur puppets) and a 30-minute "meet and greet" so parents and kiddos can get that essential "souvenir photo" with one of our costume dinosaurs. The program typically includes facts about each dinosaur presented in the program (approximate age, projected size, diet, demeanor). [Note: We do not address any aspect of evolution during our programs.] We ask for volunteers from the audience to play games with our dinosaurs; those can include hide-and-seek with the dinosaurs' plush toys, ring toss, and "dinosaur trainer." We also love to get our audience on their feet, so we engage in roar-off competitions and dinosaur-themed songs. We take our baby dinosaurs into your crowd to allow for loving head-rubs or even feedings.

Audience Size

When booking, we will ask for an estimated audience size. Exact numbers are not needed; however, since we firmly believe that touch and 1:1 interaction with our dinosaurs is important, we need to make sure we can get through your crowd in the given time. If you anticipate your audience to be larger than 400 people, we will need to adapt our package to fit your crowd.

Performance Length

We strictly adhere to the "30 minutes in costume" for the safety and health of our performers. We can typically move 200-250 people through a line for a meet and greet in 30 minutes. Plan accordingly so no one is left out. Adding an additional "5 or 10 minutes" will require a second performer and costume, plus an additional fee.

Our Original Costume Characters

Our costume dinosaurs each have their own moral focus, too: Beaux, our T. Rex, promotes acceptance of all, especially other-abled people; Seraphina, our Triceratops, promotes body positivity; Roxy, our Raptor hybrid, promotes not judging others based only on appearance or preconceived ideas. Doddi the Dilophosaurus believes in the value of starting over (she is a rescue), and Marmalade the baby Woolly Mammoth promotes that size does not limit what we can do. Angus the Carnotaurus normalizes how we all process and experience the world in different ways.

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